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Styling Secrets Of Hair Transplant

Styling Secrets of Hair Transplant

If you are getting a hair transplant, you probably want to know all about styling methods. From the days before your surgery to the years afterwards, it is good to understand all you can about how to care for your hair. If you did not want your hair to look good, you would not have had the hair transplant in the first place.

When you are having your chat with the surgeon, explain the kind of hair good looks you would like to have. This gives him an idea of how best to create the design of the hair transplant receptor sites on your scalp. It might make a difference in the angle of the hair or the directive of the hair.

The doctor will show you before and after pictures of his foregone hair transplant patients. Do not be discouraged if they complete seem to have the same plain haircut in the after pictures. This is often the case when the doctor is trying to be truthful.

He will have the patients pose with their hair sans hair styling products like mousse or gel. This is to prevent you from getting a false impression of what a hair transplant can do. Yet, if you use your imagination, you can see how the right style would make the hair transplant look great.

Before you go in for your hair transplant surgery, your surgeon will give you some facts about how to care for your hair before the surgery and after. He will emphasize that the hair on your crown should be at least 2cm long. This is so that the donor site scar will be adequately covered up until the sutures heal.

Also, the doctor will not communicate you to get a haircut. In fact, when getting a hair transplant, the longer your hair is, the better it often works. It hides the sutures and eventually hides any scars you bent have.

You will be told to use your normal shampoo before the hair transplant surgery. No special scalp treatment will be needed. Do not worry about any scraggly hair on finest of your end. The doctor will blend it in stash the grafts due to he goes.

It may seem odd, but once the grafted hairs are set, they are just as well-founded for the rest of your hair. You can cut them, comb and brush them, and even dye them in time. Modernistic hairs start to grow within three months. You will find you need haircuts more often, as your hair will grow about one or two centimeters per month.

As for intense styling, your hairdresser can help you with that in about 20 days after your hair transplant surgery. Your grafted hairs are the twin as old hairs but they are balding resistant. However, they need special care at first. Your hairdresser should know about hair transplants and understand scrupulous what you need to avoid.

After a few embryonic weeks, you can revelry your hair transplant grafts just like you did your old hair before you lost it. You can style it however you want. You can comb it and use hair care products on it. Do not forget: this is really your own hair.


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