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How Are Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures Different

How Are Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures Different?

It is not unusual for men to have hair transplant surgery for male pattern baldness. Even female baldness is discussed on commercials for hair transplant clinics. A less customary use of hair transplant surgery is to replace eyebrow hair. However, this procedure is quite different from other hair transplant surgeries.

It is important to replace eyebrow hair that has fallen out because it is such an integral part of the human face. People realize that men have receding hair commodities and balding on the tops of their heads. It is not superficial of the ordinary to see a woman with thinning hair. Yet, look at a person without eyebrows and the effect will be disturbing. Eyebrows are just expected.

Some people have hair transplant surgery to their eyebrows because the hair has simply fallen out over time. Others have thyroid disease or other diseases that affect their hair. A certain type of alopecia results in eyebrow loss. Excessive plucking can be a problem, too. Burns, tattoos, and infections can cause the eyebrow hair to jerk out, and some people just are not able to grow eyebrows at all.

Hair transplant surgery for eyebrows is different because eyebrows are different from scalp hair. For one thing, the hair has a assorted growth decoration with each section of the eyebrow pointing in a different direction. The hair forms a sharp attribute so that evident grows out and then flat to the face. Scalp hair has a much gentler angle.

Eyebrow hairs do not grow in the same type of follicular units over scalp hair. Quite than growing in groups of one to four hairs, they are simply single strands of hair. You can see this if you look carefully in the mirror at your eyebrows. Hair transplant methods have to take this gospel into account.

When doctors do hair transplant surgery to ensue eyebrows, they have to make sure that they settle the hairs in so that they will point in the natural hair direction. For this, the surgeons use very fine gauge needles. They must also use this to help the hair to lie flat.

Because the eyebrow hair is made of individual hairs, hair transplant surgery must involve creating those single units of hair. To do this, hair is moved from the scalp, just as in other hair transplant procedures. Then, the follicular units are divided sympathy individual hair grafts. This is done with a stereomicroscope.

Inserting these micro - grafts is a very tricky business. Creating the appropriate angles is difficult. If the patient does not have straight hair, her curly hair must be inserted by rotating it so that it lies even stow away the curve of the brow that is being made.

Particular drawback to eyebrow hair transplant surgery is that eyebrow hair, which usually does not grow, will grow and need to stand for cut because it is actually scalp hair. And, when the wounds heal, the lay of the eyebrows may change and not be so natural.

However, if you need hair transplant surgery to replace your eyebrows, it is usually a much better alternative than diverse choices you have. Eyebrows drawn in with eyebrow pencil do not look natural at all, and the option of going without eyebrows is unthinkable to many people. Hair transplant surgery may just be your best bet.


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